Web 2.0 design is the newest trend that goes into web site design. The world wide web is going to change their websites to become more attractive, simple, user friendly, scalable, bright and shiny by designing it with web 2.0 standards. web 2.0 design concept does not only change the web design trend, it is also changing the web marketing concepts, programming concepts, and usability concepts.

So how do you identify a web 2.0 design? There are few design considerations that are the most common
that we see on a web 2.0 design:


Web 2.0 design should be simple ,noise free, uncluttered, with little contents, more graphics and large fonts. Look at the screenshot below it will help you to imagine what is simplicity in design:


2)Centralized Contents

The contents of the page should be in the center of the page like the following samples, as you can see the contents are in the center of the page and the left and right space are filled with gradient background.



The backgrounds in web 2.0 have several forms, either to be gradient colors or diagonal line pattern.



One of the web 2.0 standards is to make some reflection on your images.


5)Round Corners

The new style in corners is to make the corners rounded, in contents boxes or in buttons.


6)Large Fonts

Use large and clear fonts in your web 2.0 design.


7)Bright Colors

Web 2.0 design usually have bright, strong, eye catching, and most of the time unnatural colors. Just like the example color gradients below.


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