Again since we started doing requests from our readers, here’s another one cause weve been bombarded by majority of our readers for this request. Its a simple technique usually used on a web 2.0 design concept.

So what were doing today is the reflection technique photoshop tutorial.


This technique is usually applied side by side with the shining or glossy effect for web 2.0 designs, to enhance and make our graphic more realistic and stand out.

Lets now start learning how to make a nice reflection on our graphics.

1) First lets create a new blank white canvass for our tutorial. We can use any size of canvass for this one, but i have used the default web canvass (640×480). File>New>Preset>Web.

2) Now on our blank white canvass, were gonna type our text. You can write whatever you like, but we have used the “TUTORIAL” for this one and were gonna give it a color of #0B7AAE. By the way any color would do on the text, its just my favorite color is blue 🙂


3) Next on the layers panel, we select the text layer we previously made and then duplicate it. We go to Layer>Duplicate Layer. And after that we flip that layer vertically just go to Edit>Transform>Flip Vertical, and then nudge it just below the original text layer. Just like so:


4) After we have flipped and nudged our duplicated layer, we add a layer mask on the text we previously flipped vertically. Like so:


5) Now to make the effect, we will now use and set the gradient tool. So on the tool bar select the Gradient Tool(G). And make sure select the gradient settings to foreground to transparent, and the foreground color is black. and the gradient orientation to a linear one.



Now that were done on setting up our gradient, we now apply the gradient, on the flipped text layer with a layer mask. With our gradient tool, try to drag the cursor on an upward direction just like that:


Here’s what we got after we apply the gradient on the masked layer:


6)To finish off the effect, we just adjust the layer opacity of the text layer with the gradient mask, to make a more realistic reflection effect on our text.


After the opacity adjustment, this is what we got


For more cool tutorials, please keep in tune with our blog, or visit our photoshop tutorials page for more cool and premium online photoshop video tutorials.

Also, if you have any photoshop tutorial requests, please do tell us and we’ll see what we can do. Later 🙂

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