Here’s another helpful tip for those who are trying to learn how to use the software Adobe Photoshop and practically ease out their frustrations.

Too often, instead of learning how to achieve a desired outcome, many students end up learning how to copy and never truly understand the fundamentals and WHY certain commands and settings will create something. Instead of learning HOW and WHY, newbie photoshop students unthinkingly mimic tutorials, and when it comes time to make something they want to make from scratch, they won’t even know where and how to start. Learn how to do things but at the same time set apart some time to learn why certain commands do certain things. By learning both HOW and WHY, you can make anything in photoshop from scratch.

Please keep in tune with our blog, and we will reveal more awesome and cool tips, tricks, tutorials and other free stuff for you to use in learning or improving your skills in Adobe Photoshop.

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