Christmas season is nearly just around the bend. Have you ever thought to make your own christmas greeting card to give as a gift for your family and friends? If you do, your in luck! For we decided to make a christmas greeting card in our photoshop tutorial.

Today were going to make this glowing Christmas Tree Greeting Card


So lets get this thing started..

1. First set your background to whatever color you like.. i choose red on mine..#a72218.


2. Then set the Gradient Tool(G) to White to Transparent and set the Gradient setting to Radial then apply the White Gradient on top of the Red Layer Background.. I did this mine like this to add highlights on later..


and on the White Gradient Layer Blending options, change the settings to Overlay..


3. So now we start on making the Christmas Tree. Make a triangular shape on our canvass by using the Shape Tool(U), choose the Polygon Shape setting… and set the sides to three(3) to make the triangle


Also we wouldn’t want the bright shining star on top of our tree missing; So again using the Shape Tool(U) choose the Custom Shape icon and choose the black star shape.


Note: If by any chance that the star shape is not on the shape selection, you can easily load it up clicking on the load icon on shapes and the select SHAPE.


and place it on top of the triangle shape


4. So now we have a tree shape. Next we will now draw a wave like line using our Pen Tool(P), Just draw the line
just like so.


5. Now the fun and easiest part.. we will now use our Brush(B) to make the star effect on our tree. First we select our star shaped brush tip on the Brush Preset (F5) and then set the these following settings on the brush tip.

Note: If ever you can’t see the star brush tip for this effect, you can easily load it up by clicking on the side icon and choose the Assorted Brush to load up the star brush tip that we will need for our effect.



So we have our brush settings done, but before applying the brush on our canvass; we must hide the triangle shape we made earlier by clicking the hide layer on the Layers Panel and so we have this.


Then we create a new layer File>Layer>New>Layer and name it whatever you like for example brush star, I just named my New Layer Stroke. So choose again our Pen tool(P) to apply our effect, on the new layer, Right Click and choose stroke path.


And so we now have this new brush effect


6. Now that we have our starry Christmas Tree, we will now apply more effects to our tree to make it more stunning. First select your layer in which you have applied the star brush and then apply this Outer Glow Settings.


With the same process, we now select the star on top of the tree and apply this new settings.


After applying those settings, we now have this:


7. Now that we have our tree I just placed a rectangular box using our shape tool (U) to act as a card to hold our grettings. Tilted it a little using the Free Transform command Ctrl+T:


And then apply this setting on the rectangular shape.

note: on this settings, you can play around as much as you want to achive your desired outcome


8. Then give it your message.. using your Text Tool.. (T) and type your most touching message for your love ones..

Here’s our final product..


You can download the PSD File of the Glowing Christmas Tree Greeting Card Photoshop Tutorial here so you can study it further.

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