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Since halloween season is coming soon. I thought about making this is a simple tutorial on how you can make a stone statue effect from a picture with Photoshop. On this tutorial it is highly recommended that you use a close up portrait of a woman/man or animal whichever you prefer as long as it is a close up one.

You can find and download the stone texture image here at Free

Lets start and Have fun!

Step1. Open your portrait (File>Open or Ctrl+O).. so I choose this photo of my friend.

Step 2. We will now Desaturate Our photo; Image>Adjustments>Desaturate or Shift+Control+U.

Step 3. Now open and find our stone texture file that we will use for the effect. Now and drag it into your face photo. Change the layer Blend mode to Multiply.(layer blending) and Merge the two Layers Ctrl+E or Layer>Flatten Image.

Step 4. Now we need to eliminate the eyes. So using our pentool (P) draw a path around the left eye and make a selection (go to your Paths Pallet, click on the work path, and click the ‘Load Path as a Selection’ in the bottom of your pallete) or Ctrl+Enter.
layer path

Step 5. Use the clone tool (S) and select an area of the stone texture as your source and clone it around the eye. Choose your Blur(R) tool, and smooth the edges of the new eye. Here’s what I come up with:

Step 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to do the right eye.

Step 7. To add a spookiness effect and complete our effect for our statue: we now Create a New layer, choose gradient tool, set radial gradient, white to black and apply it to your new layer (Show gradient). and then change the Blending mode to Linear Burn, then play around with the Opacity for your desired result. I used Opacity 69% and then Fill 50% to achieve this effect.
gradientlayer-linear burn

Heres my final result

This effect is perfect for this coming Halloween season. Impress and scare your friends learning this photoshop effect. What are you waiting for? Try this and turn your friends into scary stone portrait.

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Halloween is just right around the corner so we decided today to make a tutorial for making a wallpaper pumpkin head Jack O Lantern in Adobe Photoshop. Here’s the wallpaper thats were gonna do.

jack o lantern

Step 1:
Lets start with creating a new file (File>New) of 1280×1024px and 72 dpi. Fill the new file with black color, using in this case the Paint Bucket Tool (G).

I will be using this pumpkin image below or find one on the Internet on any stock photo sites.

Step 2:
Open our stock photo (Ctrl+O) and select and extract out the pumpkin image that we will be using with our Pen Tool(P) or Lasso Tool(L). After the extraction, drag the pumpkin image to the canvass that we made first. And we will name this layer “pumpkin”.


Step 3:
Now we add details on the pumpkin layer. On this layer set the Blending Options>Inner Glow by making a mouse click on this layer on the layers’ panel: The pumpkin gets this way its shadow:


Step 4:
We will now draw/carve the face of the pumpkin. So select the Pen Tool(P) and create the shapes that will become later the necessary openings on the pumpkin, I did mine like this:


Step 5:
Now we have the face now to make it more Halloween-ish.. So we apply this effects on the face just set the same Blending Options for each element on the pumpkins face. Follow the parameters demonstrated next table –
Blending Options>Inner Shadow :


Blending Options>Outer Glow :
Blending Options>Inner Glow

Blending Options>Gradient Overlay
Gradient Editor
Blending Options>Stroke

Now we got the effect of openings having the shining light inside of the pumpkin. To add a little more detail,
we will add a glowing effect for our pumpkin.

Create a new layer just below the pumpkin image and pick up the Brush tool and brush off at the bottom with the COLOR:#BD630E

just to create a outer glow effect. And now on the same layer, go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur


Step 6:
To finish this off we’ll write several words under the pumpkin, applying the Horizontal Type Tool (T)

Here’s the final result:

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