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In this tutorial we will be making a single photograph and turn into a collage of Polaroid with each of the Polaroid section will be containing a part of the whole image..

This is a very cool photo collage effect; this effect will be great for family photos, Wedding photograph’s, or for any vacation photos you want to be creative with.

So we will be opening the image that you have selected in photo shop.

Step 1: Duplicate the Image and Create a Back Ground

The first thing we must do is duplicate our background Layer which contains our original image. So to do that, on the layers panel, select the background layer press right click, and choose duplicate layers or by using the shortcut key Ctrl+J


We then select the blank layer press Ctr+A, Make sure that the fore and background palette are now default, white over black (bg/fg show palette image) press backspace to fill the new blank layer

background foreground

This will be the layers window should look like after that. (black bg image)

layer background

Step 2: The Polaroid Effect

Now were going to make the polaroid border to our image.

To do this, we will be creating a black square on our canvass where our duplicate image layer is, on the Tool Bar, select the Shape Tool (shortcut key U) and then select the square.

create shape

Again, with the same procedure, create a little bigger white square that will be used as the border of the Polaroid image, but make sure the white layer is just underneath the black. Just like so..

polaroid effect

Then we will add a tiny drop shadow effect on our polaroid. Select the white shape layer and then right click select Blending Options choose the Drop Shadow and use this settings.

layer setting

Then to complete the Polaroid effect, drag the duplicated image layer on top of the black square layer. And then while the duplicate image layer is selected, press right click and the choose Create Clipping Mask.

clip layer

You will see now that the only revealed portion of the duplicated image layer will be the size of the black.

polaroid effect

Now that we have completed the effect, It’s time to make the collage

Step 3: Create the Collage

Now that we have created our first polaroid image, It’s time to make the second one. We now select the clipped image, the black and white square shapes on the layers panel.
We will now group them, on the Menu Tab, select Layer>Group Layers or by shortcut key Ctrl+G.

Our layers panel will look like this after the grouping..
group layer

Now we select the duplicated group layer. Click the small triangle right beside the Folder to show the content of the Group. Inside the duplicated group layer you will see the black and white shape that we have created earlier, we will select them and then move and rotating it to whatever position we would like.

duplicate group

To rotate the shapes, on the Menu Tab, select Edit>Free Transform Path. I have made mine like this..
rotate polaroid image

Repeat this procedure until you are satisfied with the look of your image effect. This is my finished Polaroid effect..

final polaroid effect

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